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Phabricator is team collaboration system that Foodmedy uses to manage projects & tasks Location: https://https://phab.foodmedy.com

How to login

- Use LDAP account (it's your email account) - Administrator (diep/vinh/tung) will grant you access to the related projects

Basic Usage of Phabricator

Each project has:

Home page

- Project description - Link to project resources like wiki, code repository, servers, etc

A workboard

It's the most important place which gives the team the current status of the tasks in the project Default the workboard will contain 4 columns which are the lifecycle of the task.

  • Backlog: tasks that needs to be done, that can be assigned to an assignee or stays unassigned
  • In-progress: Task's assignee started working on the task
  • In-review: Task is finished - need to have the reviewing from stakeholders
  • Done: Task is deployed and verified

We drag the task and drop it to the expected column.

When task is done, we can change task status from Open --> .... so that task is hidden from the board. It will make the workboard clean.

Project Manager/Leader can add custom columns if they want

3. Milestone We use milestone to track the planning of the project. Milestone is actually a subproject that contains the same columns of the parent project.